Wednesday, 1 August 2012

How to File for Divorce in California

The process of ending any marriage entails various legal formalities that are defined in accordance with the state laws and rights. However, the divorce laws and rights may differ from state to state. Similarly, even the California state has its own set of rules and regulation for a divorce process. In this state, divorce is a complete step wise procedure including, filing a divorce, settlement of marital issues in front of the court and many more. Each divorce step requires the acknowledgement of definite divorce papers as per the development of the case. The filing procedure is considered to be an important part of the overall divorce process in California. 

Procedure of filing a divorce in California:
  • Filling for Divorce
    Firstly, you or your spouse must locate the venue where your divorce case can be filed. At the same time, you must obtain the appropriate divorce forms or papers as per the conditions of your case. For example, if children are also involved, then documents highlighted with the statement like divorce with children, should be obtained.

  • For those who do not take the help of any divorce attorney or lawyer, should contact the concerned court in order to receive the accurate guidance for filling accurate divorce papers.

  • While filing divorce, legal papers should be filled in presence of the clerk and three copies should be prepared in order to retain copies with each party.

  • Make sure that all the papers should be correctly formatted and ensure there are no mistakes in your documents. This is because a single mistake in your document can create several problems during legal hearing.

  • The proof of service should also be confirmed in the court in order to start the further legal proceedings of your divorce.
If you have to file a divorce, you need to follow specific guidelines as mentioned by the state laws or can be understood with the help of anattorney.

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